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Is China’s Coast Guard troubling the waters? (Dec 20)
Author: Lucio Blanco Pitlo III, University of the Philippines Asian Center The establishment of the China Coast Guard (CCG) in 2013 created a huge stir. Neighbouring countries may see the CCG as a major instrument for China to reconfigure maritime power structure in the region. The CCG was established under the State Oceanic Administration (SOA), from […]

A cyber-resilience blueprint for ASEAN (Dec 19)
Author: Tim Scully, ANU ASEAN is at the moment drifting aimlessly in cyberspace. But it could take advantage of its own rapid growth in internet penetration and the harsh cyber-security lessons of other nations, to create an inclusive, coordinated and adaptive ASEAN Cyber-Resilience Blueprint — one that could be an international exemplar. Information technology innovation, […]

Should the UK monitor Hong Kong’s governance? (Dec 19)
Author: Ivy Lee, CSUS China’s foreign ministry recent barring of a British parliamentary delegation from entering Hong Kong in response to pro-democracy protests has raised significant questions on the UK’s role in Hong Kong. In response to the Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Sir Richard Ottoway’s claim that the UK has a duty to monitor the progress in […]

Netanyahu shatters Israel's image (Dec 19)
The collapse of Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition government makes it time for Israelis to take stock of the damage he caused to the image of the country, to its moral standing, to its place among the nations, to its future as a Jewish state, to its friends (especially the United States), and to its prospect of living in peace and real security. - Alon Ben-Meir (Dec 19, '14)

Israel lends al-Nusra a hand in Syria (Dec 19)
Israeli air force and artillery have intervened several times to protect al-Nusra Front "safe havens" against fire power from the Syrian government, which is still committed to its ceasefire agreement of 1974 with Israel. Such attacks not only violate Syrian sovereignty and further al-Nusra's position, they also violate also the UN-sponsored ceasefire agreement over the Syrian Golan Heights. - Nicola Nasser (Dec 19, '14)

Crossroads for terror in South Asia (Dec 19)
The abrupt discovery of a resurgent terror network operating from West Bengal and Assam to wreak havoc in Bangladesh and India serves as a wake-up call for New Delhi to more effectively work with Indian states and their neighbors to counter the threat. The evidence points to a clear risk that the northeast of the country will become a safe haven from which new terrorist allies can cross borders to attack. - Uday Deshwal (Dec 19, '14)

Whither Ukraine's revolution? (Dec 19)
Ukraine faces an almost impossible task: carefully balancing its internal contradictions while initiating widespread reforms. To break the cycle of democracy thwarted by violence, officials elected in October will need to devolve power from themselves and their corporate allies, yet it is a particularly challenging time for that. - Jeffrey Michels (Dec 19, '14)

ASEAN labouring under outdated migration policies (Dec 18)
Author: Giovanni Capannelli, ADB By the end of 2015, the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is expected to establish a single market and production base in the region. With an ASEAN overall workforce of more than 300 million people, the AEC will have strong implications in terms of labour migration and human resource development. By promoting […]

Survey Reveals What Myanmar’s Citizens Think about Government, Reforms, and 2015 Elections (Dec 18)
By Kim N. B. NinhMyanmar's recent transition to a quasi-civilian government in 2011 under President Thein Sein has brought about many social, economic, and political reforms, but 2014 has also seen rising concern both inside and outside of the country that the reform process has stalled, or worse, is backsliding. On the eve of the upcoming general elections in 2015, one in which all political parties will be able to participate fully for the first time, what do the people of Myanmar actually know about their government structure and institutions? What do they see as the most important issues affecting the country and where they live? And what do they expect from the 2015 elections?

Uber Rape Case Reignites Debate over Women’s Security in India (Dec 18)
By Reecha UpadhyayOn Friday evening, December 5, a young woman, just finishing work in Gurgaon, India (a satellite city which is part of the larger National Capital Region), goes to meet her friends at a pub in South Delhi, and decides to call an Uber home. This chain of events is typical of what many young professionals...

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